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Yunsheng as Good as Reuge?

Originally written: 2/25/08
Updated: 4/23/08

This article is largely about 50 Note Movements or larger.

I have something to say about Yunsheng movements from China that must be said here and now. Are Yunsheng 50 and 78 note movements as good as "Reuge" movements? They don't even come close. The quality of these movements would provide a great contrast. I am ready so to provide.

1. Tone

It's true that you may find one movement from Yunsheng with a good tone. However, if you order another copy of that exact same movement, you will probably be very disappointed. When I bought my first 50 note movement from Yunsheng in 2002, I was pleased with its sound. When I ordered a second copy of the same arrangement I was very disappointed because of the poor quality altogether.The quality of these movements is far from consistent.

2. Musical Arrangements

While there are some arrangements that are good, here again the issue of consistency comes into play.

Some arrangements contain very poor chord progressions, sometimes using Minor chords in place of Major chords and vice-versa. For example, I bought an arrangement of Schubert's Serenade on a 78 note musical movement in 2003. This arrangement was so poor that I discarded it after I had bought it.

Many times these arrangements are very sparse indeed. They are not taking advantage of the richness available on larger movements.

Yunsheng has been known to sell a 78 note movement with the exact same arrangement that they used on a 50 note movement, wasting the remaining 28 notes.

3. Mechanics

Having disassembled several movements, I can say confidently that Yunsheng's mechanical quality is far inferior.


We must remember that Yunsheng wants your money. They have claimed that their movements are as good as Reuge, but their products say otherwise. At best they are a poor imitation of the real thing, be it Sankyo or Reuge.

"Yunsheng as good as Reuge”? Don't make me laugh. But please don't expect me to believe what they say about their movements. They are the poorest sort of large movements you can find anywhere on the market today.

We suspect the 50 and 78 note RHYMES musical movements are from Yunsheng and we do not recommend these movements.


Rick Epperly

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