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Magnificent Used Electronic 2-Manual Pipe Organ

For Sale, Asking $10,000




Pre-Owned Allen MDS-26 with 5 Channels with Ensemble Expander and Smart Recorder

This lovingly used Allen MDS 26 sounds like a magnificent pipe organ and is very convincing for a wide array of classical and church literature. LISTEN to “Visiting Europe by Rick Epperly” recorded from THIS Allen MDS-26 to get an idea what magnificent music this is capable of. I think you'll be amazed taht a 2-manual organ can produce this kind of music! I believe the only sound in the recording that is not included in this offering is the Zimbelstern (from an older Allen expander).

This link points you to Amazon where you can listen, or to sources where you can buy it:


Much newer Ensemble Division expander

In the right drawer on organ, it lets you add any 2 voices per division. Includes 255 voices. For Classical work, these stand out: 32’ Pousane, 32’Contraviolone, Carillon, Chimes, Handbells. For more detail, check out .

Smart Recorder - Will preserve your performance for re-use even years later. See Allen's Owner's Manual at

4 large HC 15 speakers and a sub-woofer the same size: good for small/medium church

Headphone Jack (using it disables the speakers so you can practice in private)


Five audio channels (allow great and swell to be placed in different parts of the church)

Divided Expression (Swell and Great) + Crescendo Pedals

Full set of Generals/Divisionals/Toe Studs - very elaborate and complete capture action. Divisionals can be converted to Generals.

Console Controller including MIDI Recorder, Key Transposer, Four Memory Banks for Piston Capture settings, Reverb on/off, etc.

Full MIDI capability

Allen-manufactured Keyboards

Allen’s Stop List:

Notable stops are Contre Violone 32’ on pedal, Chimes and Carillon on Great, 3 Solo voices on Swell (Harp, Hand Bells, and Celeste)

Walnut finish

Excellent Condition per the local Authorized Allen Service Tech:


Allen does a great job at maintaining the capability to repair these organs decades after their manufacture, so the probability that you can use this for many, many years is very, very good, even if something were to go wrong.

Here's an article about How to Choose a Used Pipe Organ.

Contact Us if you are interested in purchasing this beautiful Pre-Owned Allen MDS-26.



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