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Custom Large Music Box Tune Arrangements


Approximate Pricing & Lead Times

Movement(s) / Box(es)
Sold Separately
Tune Options
Playing Time

6-11 Months**

2 or 3 Tunes
1 Tune in 2 Parts
1 Tune in 3 Parts

36-38 Seconds per
Tune / Part


6-11 Months**

36-38 Seconds per
Tune / Part


6-11 Months**

3 Tunes
1 Tune in 3 Parts
36-38 Seconds per
Tune / Part

* Actual price may vary significantly for a number of reasons (ex. obtaining copyright licensing). We do not offer less expensive smaller movements.
** Lead times may vary significantly, especially if we have difficulties in obtaining copyright licensing.



Your Music Box Arrangement Will Not Sound Like a Recording of Your Music

Music Boxes excel at specific kinds of harmonic structures and embellishments, and your music will be arranged to take advantage of those. A Music Box movement also presents mechanical limitations that will impact your music. A great music box arrangement will bring your melody to mind in the context of all the glistening elements that make music box movements so unique and beautiful. If you are familiar with antique music boxes, you know what we mean!

How to Get Started

Once you understand most of the information on this page, the next step is to call us at Five oh five hyphen for 2 for 2nd hyphen nine seven four fore. Please do not
e-mail about a custom arrangement us unless you have called us first. A phone call allows more personal interaction in regard to this very personal project.

Introduction to Custom Arrangements

Is there a melody that is special to you, to that certain someone, to a special group, for a special occasion, or for a market you would like to sell to? Would you like to preserve that melody? Perhaps we can help you do just that with a custom music box tune arrangement.

Perhaps an even more personal gift would be music newly composed in that special person or group's favorite musical style. Composing music especially for a music box usually results in even better musical quality by giving the composer greater freedom to showcase all the potential of a music box. And honestly, though it won't be a tune they already know and like, after first impressions have passed, prior familiarity looses importance while love grows - for exceptional harmonies, chord progressions, and ornaments. As an added bonus, new music box compositions also eliminate copyright licensing headaches and costs.

Historically, custom tunes for music boxes of this quality have run into tens of thousands of dollars - for obvious reasons. My love for music and our technology add up to top-notch quality at prices that were absolutely unheard of in the past.

Have you ever been to an old-fashioned music box shop or museum? I went to my first music box museum in 1960 at Knott's Berry Farm. About three years later, I discovered a shop there that actually sold music boxes. At that time, I did not know anyone was still making any movements larger than 18 notes. But, there it was, I saw it: a three-tune, 50-Note music box! I loved it. However, due to my age and finances I was not able to get it. It was sold before I could save up enough money. Who would have thought that I would not only build a collection of other such music boxes, but I would also become a custom composer and arranger for Music Boxes?

I want everyone who gets a custom arrangement from me to experience some of that golden era of long ago. Be assured my arranging styles do indeed embrace those of the antique music boxes. I remember the days when I would go to a music box shop - after they called me to come and see their newest music box. Once I heard the magnificent instrument, I remember saving as much money as I could to pay for the music box. What days those were!

The store owner and I had quite a celebration!

Rick Epperly

The Process 

Once you understand most of the information on this page, the next step will be to call us at Five oh five hyphen for 2 for 2nd hyphen nine seven four fore. Please do not e-mail about a custom arrangement us unless you have called us first. A phone call allows more personal interaction in regard to this very personal project.

We'll give you more thorough information about our process, review your tune or musical preferences, then ask for a retainer. If we are arranging a copyrighted tune, we'll also need to obtain royalty licensing.

Next, Rick will expertly compose or arrange your tune, and supply you with a recording for your approval. After receiving the rest of your payment, we send your completed arrangement to the factory. They program a computer to accurately place one pin in the cylinder for each and every note of your arrangement, and program another computer to pre-grind each tooth of your comb for the notes in your arrangement. They then hand-tune each tooth to the correct pitch. We take it one step farther with our In-House Bell-Like Tuning. There is certainly nothing generic about this!

Please note that we will not arrange music that we consider offensive, which would include sexual, abusive, anti-God content, acid rock, gangsta rap, etc.

The above are approximations and general guidelines and are subject to change. There is a lot to a custom music box tune, but it is well worth the price and the wait.

If you wish we can also put your Custom Music Box Movement in a Music Box for you.

Examples of Custom Arrangements

For examples of our custom arrangements, German Folk Tunes, The Musical Snuff Box, Texas Tunes, and The Great Bath. We've also done Disney's Bambi, custom tunes for Shevach ArtChris Hüelsbeck and others (we will also be glad to play these arrangements over a LANDLINE phone).


The Following is a Excerpt from Mike's Full Article:

I sent my wedding song "This Day In September" to Rick and asked him to do what I thought would be impossible. Take a standard song, re-score it to sound like a classic music box should sound and still keep the original feeling and emotion of the song intact. Rick listened to the song and suggested I choose a 72 note Sankyo movement. I listened to some of the samples Better Music Boxes has online and was taken by the exquisite quality of the 50, 72 and 100 note movements. I trusted his judgment and decided to go with the 72 note.

Within a week, my phone rang. I answered and all I heard was Rick saying, "Are you sitting down?" I answered "Yes" and he proceeded to play me the score over the phone. When it finished, I heard Rick say, "Well, what do you think". I sat quiet for about 30 seconds. I was trying to compose myself as I was overtaken my emotions. I'm not an overly emotional guy, so this was quite surprising to me. Rick on the other hand was very emotional and so excited to have me listen to this arrangement for the first time. This emotion is why I wanted Rick and Better Music Boxes to take on this challenge. What I heard on the other end of the phone that day was purely magical. I had no idea what to expect, but obviously what Rick had delivered was beyond any expectations. I told him it was perfect and to not change a thing.


Mike F.


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