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Surprise Gift

If you want us to be careful not to give away your surprise, you'll need to contact us to let us know this is a Surprise Gift and tell us the best way (or ways) to contact you. There is a "Contact Us" link at the bottom left of this page.

For example,
If we were to call you we would block our number, or we would call from another number and say we are from "Becky's Bookkeeping" and ask for you.

Also, the package return address will substitute another name instead of “BetterMusicBoxes.com”.

Does the receiver of your Surprise gift have access to your financial records?
   If so the following tips/ideas may help you.

     First of all the following will appear on your bank/credit card statement:
       BTRMUSICBOX or BETTERMUSICBOXES (Extended Credit Card Statement Name)

       Try to use a friend's or relatives bank/credit card.


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