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Founder's History

I began collecting 18 note music boxes in 1960. Then one day I saw a large music box at an amusement park. I will never forget the experience. I was only eight years old at the time. A couple of days later, I actually planted an 18 note movement in the ground, hoping it would grow! My dad was pretty upset with me until he understood what I was thinking.

Two or three years later, I saw some "Reuge" music boxes. There was one in particular that I wanted very badly (3- tune, 50 note), but by the time I had saved enough money, the store had just sold it. Soon however, my father got a small "Thorens" disc music box for me for Christmas and I never put it down all that day. A year later I bought my first "Reuge" box. It was not the one that I really wanted most, however, it was still a beautiful item (four more years passed before I finally found another copy of that one).

In those days, storekeepers who sold music boxes began to know me very well. I will never forget how happy they were just showing me one of their latest ones: My Oh My! Often, I would have to save money until they were eventually paid for. I don't know who received the most enjoyment: the storekeeper who sold them to me or I myself.

As the years went by, I saw all kinds of music boxes, both new and old. Many of the Music Boxes I got in those days are still in my collection today. Well, to make a long story short, I enjoy showing, playing and explaining them to others who may or may not know the joy that a good music box can bring. I have been collecting them now for at least forty years and I've had bad experiences as well as good ones in music box shops.

I'm also a classical musician, and I play the Pipe Organ, Piano, and Harpsichord. I studied under Marvel Jensen, who toured Europe as a Concert Organist. You can listen to my Classical Organ album Visiting Europe, or consider purchasing my Used Allen MDS-26.

My Company Goals

Now about It's my chance to share the joy of good music boxes with you. I want to make truly worthwhile music boxes available at reasonable prices, so you can enjoy them like I do. And I don't want you to have to go through the snobby treatment I've had to endure. Since they are so worthwhile, let's enjoy them!

When it comes to music boxes, there is far too much ignorance in the world. Most people only know about toy-like 18 note movements. They have no idea that there were large music boxes that could play up to 12 tunes or that they used to put them inside walking sticks, watches or other useful things. Nor is the average person aware of the grand sounds of today's 50, 72 or 100 note movements.

It just is not right that people should be deprived of owning some of these masterpieces that were made for simple enjoyment. I want to make it possible for the average household to own one or more of them and the best way to do that is to promote good quality. I perform Bell-Like Tuning in-house on every movement we sell.

Did you know I also do Custom Arrangements? I personally arrange the music and send it to the manufacturer to produce. It is a real pleasure to produce the kind of exquisite music box arrangements they made in the good old days!

In Conclusion

I'm not interested in offering the biggest bang for the buck, but simply making better music boxes available to the "average Joe". High prices and snobbery should not keep you from enjoying them. I want you to share the joy these give me.

If you would like to talk about 50 note movements or larger, please feel free to call me at: Five oh five hyphen for 2 for 2nd hyphen nine seven four fore.

Rick Epperly

  Our Founder played Harpsichord on TV in May of 2013
You can hear our German music box at 26:50 (BMB-H01 50 Note Musical Movement)


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