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  Our exclusive in-house Bell-Like Tuning graces each Sankyo Orpheus Movement.


100 Note Duet Movements

72 Note Movements

50 Note Movements

  See 100 Note Duet Movement Tune List See 72 Note Tune List See 50 Note Tune List  

These Synchronized Duet Movements play three
songs or parts, and feature Sublime Harmony Tuning.

Hear 1 of 3 parts

Starting at US $4060

Each Movement plays
three songs or parts.

Hear 1 of the 3 parts

Starting at US $1030

Each Movement plays
two or three songs or parts.

Hear 1 of the 2  parts

Starting at US $774
Box Design & Installation Considerations 

Custom Tunes

Bell-Like Tuning

Reuge Vs Sankyo

Movement Gears

New Improved In-House Movements

These movements make wonderful gifts for any occasion (Christmas, anniversary, birthday, graduation, business event, or ... ) and will be treasured for decades. For those of you who are interested in something extra-special for that extra-special someone; a music box like this would definitely fit! But we warn you in advance; you may have difficulty parting with it once you have it!

We also offer 50 & 72 note movements in  Large Music Boxes.
We also plan to offer 100 note movements in  Large Music Boxes.

But if you'd prefer to make your own box, these high quality musical movements will complement your work beautifully! Each movement comes complete with everything you'll need to install it (even down to a drilling template and decorative tune label). Our woodworking specialist will be glad to advise you if you need any help.


  All tune arrangements are copyrighted by Nidec Sankyo Corp. except drum codes beginning in “BMB” which are copyrighted by

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