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To the best of our knowledge, our music boxes sound substantially better than comparably sized music boxes from competitors. Our Founder's deep love for great sounding music boxes has been the driving force for this.

Unfortunately, we have had to politely show many music box vendors to the door due to poorly resounding music boxes, and these included Inlaid Sorrento Boxes. After all, we think music boxes are all about music. Don’t you think so too?

You see, a music box is a Musical Instrument. The wooden box performs the same function as the body of a guitar or violin, in converting vibration into beautiful music.

For many years we’ve been experimenting with the complexities of Music Box Resonation. We have designed every box you see here, controlling the quality and the resonation. Our movements also go through our own Bell-Like Tuning in-house, to improve the sound quality.

100 Note Music Box
100 Note Duet Mantel Walnut Music Box
Empty Box - $1,550
Including the in-stock 100 Note Movement you choose, your total price could be $5,610
(+ Shipping & Handling)


72 Note Music Boxes


Sweet Walnut 72 Note Music Box
Sweet Walnut
$380 and up
Out of Stock
Please inquire

Sweet Cherry 72 Note Music Box
Sweet Cherry
$370 and up
Out of Stock
Please inquire



Empty Jewelry Music Box - $750
Including the 72 note movement you choose, your total price could be $1,780
(+ Shipping & Handling)
Out of Stock


50 Note Music Boxes

Sweet Walnut 50 Note Music Box
Sweet Walnut
$250 and up
Out of Stock
Please inquire

Sweet Cherry 50 Note Music Box
Sweet Cherry
$240 and up
Out of Stock
Please inquire


Collector's Item

"The Great Bath" 50 Note Music Box

(Make us an Offer)



Customer Compares Us to Competitor

  We received your music box yesterday and listened to them both today. But before I comment on the sound, I do want to say that we were very pleased with the box itself. It was obviously solid wood, and in opening the box, we could see how the corners were joined and how the overall make of the box was obviously superior.

Your "maintenance" guide was very helpful in caring for the box and the mechanism. We especially enjoyed the comment about having it serviced by a clock maker at least once a DECADE !

The first noticeable thing in comparing the two sounds was that your box has more volume. In continuing to compare, we can only say (since it's kind of hard to put the differences in words) that your's had the following better qualities:

Sound was more "crisp," "bright" Sound appeared to have some additional "bell" tones somehow added. My wife says more "melodic." Sound itself was more "vibrant."

These are all positive qualities. There were no negatives.

The box from [your competitor] - we know the box was far inferior, and the only comparison relative to sound was that is was "softer." but acceptable. But it was not as "vibrant" as yours. I think "vibrant" is one of our best descriptive words to describe the sound of your box.

Rich M.
Colorado Springs, Colorado - 5/16/12


 New 24 ½" Polyphon Double Disc Music Box

Bigger and more majestic than a grandfather clock, this Music Box is an echo of the past; but with a real, resounding emphasis on the present.  One of only four being made today, it stands about 8 ½ feet tall and is an exquisite music box by any standard.

  US $94,000*

*Price is an very rough estimate, price could fluctuate up or down depending on the exchange rate at the time and our supplier's current selling price. Please contact us for a current price, serious inquiries only.
  New 24" Double Disc Polyphon (No. 54 "Mikado")

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