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Notice the "Grandfather Clock" style of the No. 54 "Mikado" zoom

New 24 ½" Polyphon Double Disc Music Box


Congratulations, it's finally happened! You are looking at the largest and best Music Box being made anywhere in the world today. Introducing the new 24 ½" (62.5cm) twin disc Polyphon.

The case is approximately 8ft - 6in high (2.6 m) and is patterned after Polyphon's No. 54 "Mikado". It's finished in walnut veneers, with splendid carvings and turnings, highly polished. This is a very impressive instrument, showing the pride of true craftsmanship.

The musical mechanism with its massive spring-driven clockwork motor is made using the latest manufacturing techniques, resulting in great accuracy and durability.

Reveals Movement with its 8 Combs zoom

Music Box Spring-Driven Motor zoom
As for the tone, it is matchless, suburb, supreme above anything else being made today (including the Porter). The 8 combs produce beautifully clear and distinct harmonies, making it really is hard to believe it's playing more than one disc at a time (until you compare it with a single-disc machine!) If you've ever heard an excellent hand bell choir, you have some idea what to expect with this Polyphon. It looks a bit like a Grandfather Clock (though much larger), but the sound will surprise you: full, loud, and resonant, it's reminiscent of "Carillon" church bells-unmistakably exquisite. Each tune (of which 78 are currently being produced) plays for nearly two minutes.
Listen to "The Bird Seller Song"

Seeing this in person would forever change your thoughts about music boxes. The smaller ones you've seen couldn't prepare you for this! You would be truly overcome with amazement, I can assure you.

Current production is limited to 4 of these masterpieces. Two are currently housed in museums in Asia, one is being built for a museum in Europe, and only one is available for sale.

This truly unique instrument is a testimony to the fact that, at long last, the Disc Music Box is being revived (music box history). They can't keep us down!

US $94,000* plus VAT

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A closer look at the interior zoom
*Price is an estimate, price could fluctuate up or down depending on the exchange rate at the time and our supplier's current selling price. Please contact us for a current price, serious inquiries only.    

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