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50 Note Sweet Cherry Music Box

Open Sweet Cherry Music Box zoom

Picture Depicts 72 Note Music Box

50 Note Music Box Dimensions
8 long, 4 7/8 wide, 3 7/8 high
(20 cm long, 12 cm wide, 10 cm high)


Elegant and Sweetly Resonant

This Sweet Cherry Music Box has a warm, inviting look and feel which complements any 50 Note Tune you may choose for it. The effect of this box is like a dessert after dinner. The rich resonance, elegant design and truly fine craftsmanship are delightful. The only thing this box is missing is your choice of musical movement and - its owner: YOU!


* Rich, Resonant Tone
* Cherry Wood, Ebony Splines
* Expertly Hand Crafted In The USA
* Removable Framed Glass Dust Cover
* Pre-Drilled For Sankyo 50 Note Movement
* Splined Corners Will Last Many Decades
* All Four Corners Are Grain Matched
* Chamfers Decorate All The Edges
* Smooth, Tough Furniture Finish

Empty Box

Picture Depicts 72 Note Music Box

Shipping Options

No International Orders

Installation of our movements is free of charge.
To choose a tune for your box, select from our list of
50 Note Sankyo Movements
Custom Tunes


Pre-Drilled for Sankyo 50 Note Movements
Other types of movements may not fit the same holes.

Wood Disclaimer

These pictures accurately represent the style and quality of the boxes we offer. They should also give you some idea of the general range of color and of the kind of graining that the species of wood exhibit.

However, as wood is a natural product which varies in color, grain and texture, the box you purchase will not exactly match the box in most of our pictures.

Also, the color may vary somewhat from our pictures.

Example of Box with a Musical Movement Inside

Closed Sweet Cherry Music Box

Picture Depicts 72 Note Music Box


Our Pricing

Including the 50 note movement you choose, your total price for the Sweet Sweet Cherry Music Box could be $1044.


50 Note Sweet Cherry Music Box

Empty Box Price
US $240

 Out of Stock

Contact Us if you would like to be notified when available.

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