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100 Note Duet Movement Dimensions

I provide these dimensions with a disclaimer: I highly recommend that you have a 100 note movement in hand before building your box. It poses some interesting challenges that you’ll need to deal with, which are too involved to deal with without having the movement in hand.

The thin metal plate the two movements are mounted on is 326.5mm (12 13/16”) X 91mm (3 9/16”).

The gears hanging down below the metal plate are 34mm (1 3/8”) diameter, and they protrude below the plate 29mm (1 3/16”). They are vertically centered below the main gears at the left end of the cylinders, that is 29mm (1 3/16”) in from the back edge of the plate. The distance from the back of the plate to the face of the winding key is about 48mm (1 7/8”). This means the outside of the back of your box would have to be about 1 ¾” from the back of the plate.


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