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72 Note Nidec/Sankyo Orpheus Movement

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( 19cm long, 7.5cm wide,  3.5cm high )

Tune Description

Well, as usual, I have something new and exciting to talk about. Introducing Bach's Brandenburg Concerto, on a 72 note musical movement. This is quite an important event for me, because as you can see, there is not much Bach music available on either the 50 or 72 note musical movements. I was thinking about arranging a Bach piece of music for the music box, but now, this Concerto came up. What a spectacular job that Sankyo has done. The combs really ring. The music is bell like, as can be expected, yet somehow, the music is also original. The harmonies are clearly brought out but the experience of hearing this music on a musical movement is really striking. The music is like dancing on clouds. Somehow, this is better than listening to the original orchestral version. Check it out and try it for yourself. I think you'll agree with everything I said.
Originally Written: March 30, 2010

Please watch the incredible music box our customer made!

72 Note Movement

This kind of Nidec/Sankyo movement plays two or three tunes (or parts) and is made in Japan. Playing time is usually about 6 minutes. There are 72 notes (or "teeth") on the comb. There is a lot of bass sound in the comb, and the arrangements are usually very spectacular in nature. Our in-house comb machine and Rick's expertise result in Bell-Like Tuning unrivalled in new movements for decades.

Customer Testimony

"…I can recommend them wholeheartedly…"
- johnvankesteren

Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 in G Major
(3 parts) Hear Sample
J.S. Bach

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1. If you buy one of our large music boxes together with one of our movements, we will install the movement free of charge.
2. If you buy just the movement, it ships complete with winding key, mounting screws, operating lever, an attractive tune label, and an accurate drilling template. For box-building details, refer to our Box Design & Installation Considerations.


We also stock 15mm (just over 9/16”) long key extenders (necessary for box bottoms thicker than 3/8 - which we do not recommend). These are only available with the purchase of a movement. Contact us for details.
  All tune arrangements are copyrighted by Nidec/Sankyo Corp. except drum codes beginning in “BMB” which are copyrighted by

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