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Visually Blemished 72 Note Tune List
Sankyo Orpheus Discount Musical Movements
with our own Bell-Like Tuning
  Here's your chance to have a nice experience.  
To hear the Whole Tune (if available) and read more information, click on the TUNE NAME.
    Need a MP3 Player to Hear   = should be a short MP3 recording of the movement.  
    Need RealPlayer to Hear   = MP3 Computer Simulation.  
  To FIND a specific tune/composer, press "Ctrl+F" on your keyboard or search by Drum Code  
  We would be glad to advise you about tune selection, so please feel free to call us at Five oh five hyphen for 2 for 2nd hyphen nine seven four fore.  
Visually Blemished 72 NOTE TUNE LIST
Sankyo Orpheus Musical Movements, Starting at US $1000
By Clicking Tune Name
  0 Drum Codes.

  All tune arrangements are copyrighted by Nidec Sankyo Corp. except drum codes beginning in “BMB” which are copyrighted by

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