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Visually Blemished
100 Note Duet Mantel Walnut Music Box
with Beveled Glass

20" long, 7 1/4" wide, 8 3/4" high



This 100 note music box is of heirloom quality, engineered for many decades of trouble-free service. This beautifully crafted walnut music box has a design similar to a mantel clock. You’ll find yourself gazing the through the beveled glass to watch the fascinating action of two 50 Note movements playing in perfect synchronization. The winding key and on-off switch are hidden by the closed lid, so winding it or turning it on is as simple as opening the lid, not requiring any awkward positions.

This Duet Mantel Music Box was also designed with acoustics in mind, and is nothing less than a fine musical instrument. The bass, mid-tones and treble are nicely balanced, and do not whisper. Any one of our 100 note movements will be enhanced by the acoustics of this box.

Why not try one? I sure that you'll agree with everything I've stated.


Visually Blemished
100 Note Duet Mantel Walnut Music Box
with Beveled Glass

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Pre-Drilled for Nidec/Sankyo 100 Note Movements.
Installation of our movement is free of charge.

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Wood Disclaimer

These pictures accurately represent the style and quality of the boxes we offer. They should also give you some idea of the general range of color and of the kind of graining that the species of wood exhibit.

However, as wood is a natural product which varies in color, grain and texture, the box you purchase will not exactly match the box in most of our pictures.

Also, the color may vary somewhat from our pictures.


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