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100 Note Nidec/Sankyo Orpheus
Duet Movement

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Tune Description

Always remember that when we are talking about any 100 note movement, we are dealing with a movement that has two combs instead of just one. Like the other 100 note movements, the melody switches back from left to right on the two combs in unexpected places. Most of the march is represented here. In this movement, we recall the softer sound of the sublime music box. The music is clear and bell like.

100 Note Duet Movement

It's Happened At Last! Sankyo has made a big step up in the music box industry. I am talking about the 100 note movement. Yes, it's finally here! This movement is so rich that it reminds me of the antique music boxes of yesteryear. This movement uses two 50 note combs as well as two 50 note cylinders to play its tunes.

At the present time Sankyo is calling this 100 note movement the "Concerto Series". When we learn of new tunes we will add them as soon as we can to our tune list.

I can tell you this: it looks like Sankyo is going to be building larger movements than we have been seeing before. If this particular series proves to be successful (and I am sure that it will) all of us can expect greater improvements in the music box industry.

For those who want to make their own music boxes, this 100 note will provide the means for the wood worker to construct an antique style music box. What a great time this is. I'm only too glad to be a part of this venture.

Playing time is usually about 6 minutes.

What Does Sublime Harmony Antiphonal Mean?
Have you ever been in a large room with a choir? Two groups of singers are having a conversation. The first group will be in front of the room, and the second group will be in back of the room. Suppose that this group in front says, "How are you?" The group in the back answers them and says, "I am fine." This is what the 100 note movement is doing. I think that you will find this Antiphonal effect most lovely.

On 100 Note Movements during our Bell-Like Tuning, I adjust some pitches to produce Sublime Harmony tuning. Similar to a 12-string guitar, this tuning results in a celestial, richer, fuller, heavenly sound. The music itself is like a sublime harmony box from the past. I like it better than the 144 note movement that Reuge is making today.

Original Date written: 12/13/06
Updated: 6/12/2017


Turkish March
(3 parts) Hear Full Tune
W.A. Mozart

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Our in-house comb machine and Rick's expertise result in Bell-Like Tuning unrivalled in new movements for decades.

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