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100 Note Nidec/Sankyo Orpheus Movement

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Approximate measurements are as follows:


For more details see 100 Note Measurements

Visually Blemished Movement Description

Visually Blemished movements sound the same as unblemished movements the only difference is visual.

2 light 3/8-inch light scratches near the left end of the right cylinder

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Pictures of This Blemish May Be Available upon Request

Visual blemishes do not affect the sound quality.

Approximate measurements are as follows:


For more details see 100 Note Measurements

Tune Description

This is the Japanese song "Kawano Nagareno Yoni" or (in English) "Like a River Flows" in three parts. The music sounds like a rushing river. It should, for that is exactly what the music is trying to portray. Talk about beautiful! As for this particular movement, I'd rather like to think that it sold itself. I didn't do it. The movement spoke for itself in clear performance. The music is clear and bell like. Allow the cool waters of the river to flow across your mind. If you are thirsty, come and get yourself a nice cool drink of this good water. This is truly an exquisite piece. I promise you, "You will not be disappointed."

Like a River Flows
(3 parts) Hear Full Tune
Mitake Akira

Visually Blemished
(Musically Unblemished)


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100 Note Movement

This kind of Nidec/Sankyo movement plays two or three tunes (or parts) and is made in Japan. Playing time is usually about 6 minutes. There are 100 notes (or "teeth") on the comb. There is a lot of bass sound in the comb, and the arrangements are usually very spectacular in nature. Our in-house comb machine and Rick's expertise result in Bell-Like Tuning unrivalled in new movements for decades.

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  All tune arrangements are copyrighted by Nidec/Sankyo Corp. except drum codes beginning in “BMB” which are copyrighted by

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